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Pomerol Partners is a global data centric business consultancy that specialises in building management information solutions from complex data ecosystems. Often where the quality and availability of the necessary data may not be guaranteed. Our core mission is to help enable evidenced based decision making, by building the solid data foundations and analytical layers required to make the right decisions.
Pomerol specialises in data analytics/reporting, data quality, data lineage, data automation, process mapping & automation, governance, migration assurance, analytics, and blockchain powered solutions. We focus on driving innovation, saving money and increasing efficiency in Supply Chain, Procurement, Finance, Sales, IT and Marketing across enterprise organisations using third party best of breed agile ETL and data analytics technology.
We have experience and customer references in Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Utilities, Manufacturing, Pharma and Retail verticals.

Specialist Services we provide:
• SAP ERP analytics across all business and process modules
• SAP ERP data cleansing, lineage and governance specialists
• P2P, O2C, R2R focused reporting and analytics
• Robotic Process Automation
• Regulatory compliance, including data protection and GDPR
• Data migration, and data migration quality assurance
• Build out of complex business controls via agile ETL platforms
• Data infrastructure lineage, audit and troubleshooting
• Big Data and Data Analytics services and advisory
• Blockchain advisory and solution development
• Blockchain based Asset Management and Chain-of-Custody
• Blockchain tokenisation for incentivisation
• Managed and Hosted BI and data services and solutions
• SaaS BI Solution
• OEM Data Analytics integration
• US Consumer Profiling and Segmentation


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