2017 Agenda

Procurement and supply: unlocking competitive advantage

Tuesday 17 October 2017, London

08:20    Registration and refreshments

09:00    Opening remarks
Gerry Walsh FCIPS, Group CEO, CIPS

09:05    Global views from an Economist - Changes in the state of the global economies - what will this mean for procurement?
Diego Iscaro, Senior Economist, IHS Global Insight

09:20    Brexit panel debate: Leading procurement through uncertainty – how are procurement practitioners developing their Brexit strategies? 
How can you prepare for change when it is almost impossible to predict the implications of Britain leaving the EU? This session will explore scenario planning for different outcomes, what contingency plans you should have in place to cope with economic volatility and how to mitigate against Brexit-related risk. how can you drive growth, not just cut costs, during this disruptive and transformational period?
Oliver Cock FCIPS, Managing Director, Foodbuy UK & Ireland
Alan Draper, Director- Purchasing, Ford 
Philip Molnar, Chief Procurement & Technical Officer, Britvic PLC
Jim Townsend FCIPS, Chief Procurement Officer, Walgreens Boots Alliance

10:00        ‘Ignite Talk’
Do you even know how you are being sold to?
Delegates will be asked to take part in an interactive voting session to explore how well they understand their suppliers' sales methods.
Tim Jenkins, Managing Director, WheelSpinner Consulting

10:05        Morning refreshments, networking & ‘The Speakers Corner’
Opportunity to meet the speakers from the morning plenary sessions

Procurement as a business partner

10:35        Presentation: Rethinking Procurement: The Dynamic Marketplace

Procurement leaders are being challenged to reduce costs, increase overall business value, and keep up with increasingly rapid changes in technology. The presentation will examine a dynamic marketplace, enabling more cost-effective purchasing, reduced effort for managing your spend and higher levels of end-user adoption.
Gain insights on:
  • The nuances of an established marketplace model
  • Opportunity for reducing costs
  • How to gain visibility into long tail spend
  • How to retain purchasing controls in a dynamic marketplace
Henrik Smedberg, Head of Enterprise Sales & Professional Services, Amazon Business

10:55        Quick fire views on cross-functional working: What do other business functions really think of procurement? And how do they work together for mutual business success?


Richard Woodford, Global Procurement Category Director - Marketing, Pearson
Laura Vosper, Director of Marketing, Pearson
Human Resources:
Andy Stephenson, Group People Director, Lookers PLC

Joint Q&A: Put your questions to the speakers

11:25 - 11:35    Pick your focus areas and break into streams!

Breakout Session 1:  Automating Processes

Practical talk: Third party risk - how can you automate processes to be better monitor and manage risk?
Every week there seems to be a new high profile new story about risk. From cyber to data security to workers' rights. The regulators, the media, the customer and the wider public are all taking notice, but are you? The recent 'Petya' ransomware attack, saw share prices plummet and significant business disruption for household names as cyber continues to dominate the executive risk agenda. Does procurement have a role in mitigating these threats and if so, what is it? Against a backdrop of increasing virtualization, changes in the way we work with suppliers and an increasing number of "solutions" in the marketplace. how can procurement be the function that stands up and delivers. This session will look to uncover what businesses and more automation can be used to diligently on-board, monitor and manage suppliers throughout their lifecycle.
Simon Geale, Director of Supplier Management Solutions, Proxima Group

Breakout Session 2:  Driving Strategic Value
Panel discussion: Winning the war for talent: Attracting, developing and keeping high performing teams
The procurement profession is changing disrupted by the automation of transactional roles and driven by the need to be more strategic. How should leaders be upskilling their staff to deal with this evolution, and how can they attract the next generation of talent?
This session will explore the skills procurement professionals will need for future success, such as those in analytics and data science, and discuss how leaders can best build the teams to seize the opportunity the next phase of procurement presents.
Oliver Cock FCIPS, Managing Director, Foodbuy UK & Ireland - Moderator
Annie Brown FCIPS, CPO, InterContinental Hotel
Jim Hemmington FCIPS, Director of Procurement, BBC
Jim Carter FCIPS, Transformation Director, Government Commercial Function, Cabinet Office
Paul Devoy, CEO, Investors in People

Breakout Session 3:  Creative Soft Skills 
The art & science of selling
To be truly effective in our roles, adjusting our behaviours and applying a range of techniques to transform the way in which we interact with suppliers, helps us to gain deeper insights to drive better negotiation outcomes. The workshop will explore:
  • How suppliers use story-telling to control the sale
  • The level of trust that exists between a seller and buyer
  • Sales methodologies and techniques
  • What kind of buyer you are
  • The buying signals you display
Tim Jenkins, Managing Director, WheelSpinner Consulting

12:15        Lunch, networking & 'The Speakers Corner'

Creating a competitive advantage

13:15        Presentation: Transforming the Government's commercial function
Gareth will discuss the strengthening of the Government's commercial function. He will outline the background, capability transformation and some of the key successes and challenges to date.
Gareth Rhys Williams, Government Chief Commercial Officer, Cabinet Office

13:35       Spotlight on The Co-operative Group: The fight against slavery in supply chains
The Co-op has been recognised as a pioneer in the fight against modern slavery, and is leading the way with its modern slavery  statement. In this session you will learn how the group has taken steps to move beyond a statement, aligning its strategy with wider company values and pushing these principles into the supply chain. You will also hear how to educate and network with suppliers to  recognise the warning signs of modern slavery and what to do if you  do find a case of forced labour. The Co-op will also share how it is going above and beyond with its Bright Futures Programme, which helps former victims of modern slavery into paid employment in their stores.
Paul Gerrard, Group Policy & Campaigns Director, The Co-operative Group

13:55       Panel Debate: Embracing flexibility to allow innovation
 Procurement can and should play a role in bringing innovation and new ideas into the business, but in order to do so the function needs to embrace flexibility and be comfortable with a certain level of risk. This session will explore how moving from traditional suppliers to  start-ups and SMEs can add value and bring innovation, and how to overcome the challenges. Learn how to make a success of supplier enabled innovation programmes and technology incubators and how to encourage your suppliers to collaborate with you and bring their best, most creative ideas to the table.
Oliver Cock, Managing Director, Foodbuy UK & Ireland - Moderator
Paul Bestford FCIPS, CPO, John Lewis Partnership
Chris Holmes MCIPS, Global Head of Strategy and Innovation, Novartis
Margaret Gibson FCIPS, Head of Procurement, Clydesdale Bank
Gareth Nugent, Senior Director International Procurement, Discovery Network

14:35       'Ignite Talk'
What extent does the way you come across to suppliers have on your ability to negotiate the best deal?
Delegates will be asked to take part in an interactive voting session to explore Buyer types and the effect this has on commercial negotiations.
Tim Jenkins, Managing Director, WheelSpinner Consulting

14:40 - 14:50  Pick your focus areas and break into streams!

Breakout Session 1:  Automating Processes
Practical talk and demo: Moving from hindsight to foresight
Digital innovation offers a wealth of opportunities, but is procurement taking full advantage of the technologies that are out there? And is procurement driving insights that are actionable across the organisation? Pomerol Partners will discuss how they have driven success and built a foundation for innovation from within a customer procurement and supply chain division.
David van Rooyen, CEO, Pomerol Partners
Hamish Imrie, CTO, Pomerol Partners

Breakout Session 2:  Driving Strategic Value
Panel discussion: Alternative Delivery Models
This session will explore the different business models you can consider to drive innovation, in-turn, value. Speakers will dissect the pros and cons of different models, such as: Joint Ventures, 'co-opetition', community models and crowdsourcing solutions.
Paul Bestford FCIPS, CPO, John Lewis
Antony Faughan FCIPS, Director, Arcadis LLP
David Owen, Global Purchasing Director, Production & Aftermarket Parts, Jaguar Land Rover
Conception Ribaud, Head of Procurement, MTR Crossrail
Kirsty Bower, Head of Procurement, Clarion Housing Group

Breakout Session 3:  Creative Soft Skills Development:
Panel discussion: The CPO Brain: Find out what makes a great procurement leader
CIPS, Supply Management and Great People Inside have worked together on the first study of its kind to assess the psychometric make-up of agenda-setting, forward thinking procurement leaders. Find out what characteristics these leaders have in common and what skillset you need to possess to go the distance in your career.
Jim Carter, Transformation Director, Cabinet Office
Martin Goodwill, CEO, Great People Inside
Katie Jacobs, Editor, Supply Management

15:30        Afternoon refreshments, networking & 'The Speakers Corner'
Opportunity to meet the speakers from the afternoon plenary sessions

16:00       Pick your focus areas and break into streams!

Breakout Session 1:  Automating Processes
Practical talk: The power of blockchain: creating visibility and control of goods in the supply chain
The impact of blockchain-powered applications on supply chain processes looks set to be transformative. In this session Deloitte digital practitioners Sean Doyle and Tyler Welmans will explore digital procurement more broadly and how it fits into the transformation of the profession, providing examples of how distributed ledger technology can be applied to improve and optimise both procurement and supply chain efficiency.
Sean Doyle, Director - Strategy Consulting, Deloitte
Tyler Welmans, Bockchain Specialist, Deloitte

Breakout Session 2:  Driving Strategic Value
Practical talks: How can supply chain sustainability programmes and supplier diversity drive value and competitive advantage?
16:10-16:30  How do you measure the tangible and financial value of sustainability programmes?
Many organisations use buying power to take some responsibility for the logistics operations they employ. The construction sector has led the way through CLOCS initiative and the public sector is starting to follow suit. Through a positive influence on the supply chain, the tangible benefits include reductions in death, serious injury, equipment damage and emissions. This in turn generates financial value through direct cost savings, improved reliability and enhanced reputation. Learn how more and more organisations are starting to see the moral and economic benefits of managing the social impacts of their supply chains.
Glen Davies, FORS Technical Advisor, FORS

16:30-16:50  Inclusive procurement practices - connecting with your business values and community you operate in.
Justin Lambert, Head of Procurement, Roche

Breakout Session 3:  Procurement Compliance
Practical talks: The increased legislative burden across the business
Procurement is operating in an ever -increasing regulated environment. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation in May 2018 is the biggest change to data protection legislation in more than 20 years. As a result, organisations will need to ready themselves for the impact that this will have across the business. J wll explain the 10 steps to prepare for GDPR, and that software and processes across the business will need to change inline with the new rules.
J Cromack, Co-founder, MyLife Digital

16:40 Make your way back to the theatre

16:50       Motivational Talk

17:20      Chair's closing remarks
Oliver Cock FCIPS, Managing Director, Foodbuy UK & Ireland

17:30 - 18:30      Drinks Reception sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover

*Please note the agenda and timings are subject to change

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