The 2017 conference was held under the theme: Procurement and Supply: Unlocking Competitive Advantage. In today's market place there is a need to drive competitive advantage, to be flexible and look at ways to enable strategic partnerships with SMEs, local suppliers and start-ups who may offer innovative solutions or have more time to generate new ideas.
Join over 300 delegates from across the UK and Europe to network, share knowledge and tackle the current issues and procurement and supply industry including:

  • Changes in the state of global economies as a result of political upheaval - what will this mean for procurement?
  • How to develop your procurement strategy during uncertain times - how are procurement practitioners preparing for Brexit?
  • Cross-functional working: what other business functions want from their procurement teams and how do they collaborate to improve business outcomes?
  • How to embrace a flexible approach to on-boarding and working with suppliers in order to drive innovation.
  • What is the evolving skill set of today's procurement professional and does the profession need to re-brand itself in order to attract the next generation of talent?
  • Learn how companies have turned to artificial intelligence and the use of robots to speed up processes and improve efficiency across procurement and other business functions.

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