A General Election, Article 50, legal upheaval, the robot revolution, commodity, exchange rate and stock market fluctuations… nothing is more permanent than change and the procurement and supply management profession is the one to handle it all.

Join us at the CIPS Annual Conference, on the 17 October, and find out how you can capitalise on all these changes and put procurement at the heart of your business.

Taking place just a few months after Theresa May invoked Article 50, the conference will bring together leading experts from across the profession, and beyond, to debate and discuss the ramifications of this momentous decision for businesses and their supply chains.

To make sure you are part of the conversation, book your place now for the most important Procurement and Supply Chain conference of this century. Good procurement is at the heart of every successful business and the CIPS Annual Conference will help you successfully respond and adapt to a changing economic, legal and political landscape with the latest strategies, techniques and creative thinking. 

The future may be uncertain but the CIPS Annual Conference will help you to shape it.

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